Malawian Man Makes Fortune from Dairy Farming

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July 17, 2017 by Staff Reporter

If you can’t move the mountain, then climb it; A success story of 40-year old Malawian Dairy Farmer Henderson Sowa is a good example of a man who gathered strength to climb a mountain after he failed to move it.

Henderson, a fifth born in the family of nine children hails from Ntambo Village in the area of Traditional Authority Kapeni in Blantyre, Malawi.

Mr Henderson Sowa did his primary school of education at Chigumula Primary School in the city of Blantyre. Henderson like many other children in Malawi was raised from a poor background.

”Life at school was not easy as one may think, l used to go to school on an empty stomach while wearing rags,” Henderson told Africa Inspire Foundation.

Born in a poor family, going to school in an empty stomach and  even wearing torn clothes were not only the challenges he used to face but even to source  school fees for his secondary school education was another big challenge he faced in his life.

“After writing my Primary School Leaving Certificate l was selected to Namame Community Day Secondary School in Blantyre. Two weeks after the results was announced my father was fired from work, things turn to worse because he was the one to pay for my school fees,” narrated Henderson.

He further told African Inspire Foundation that,” l started doing some piece works from rich people in our area. I used the little money l got from the piece works to pay for my school fees from Form one to three.”

When he reached form three the water failed to hold, he decided to drop out from school as he was not able to source enough money for his school fees and for supporting the family.

“It was not my aim and plan to drop out from school but financial challenges forced me to drop out,” Mr Sowa said.

As the saying goes ’life always provide us with second chance’, Henderson secured a job as temporary electric installer and he worked for three good years. He used the money he was earning to buy farming equipments such as Hoes.

“l resigned as electric Installer after working for three years l wanted to have my own business and employ other people,” said Henderson.

Henderson ventured into agro-business. He started growing vegetables along Limbe River in Blantyre. After two years of growing and sailing vegetables he managed to rent a big farm.

“l could sell Mk10, 000(Ten Thousand Malawi Kwacha) a day. I started buying iron sheets and l built a good house from the sale of vegetables,” said Henderson who in his childhood has never slept in a decent house.

No sweet without sweat, after growing vegetables for three years Henderson life changed from bad to good, then good to better as he narrates to Africa Inspire Foundation.

“After selling vegetables for three years, l and my wife decided to buy a bull (Male Cow) to the source of manure in our vegetable business,” he said.

Henderson raised the bull for ten months and decided to sale it and he bought a female cow to venture into dairy farming.

Google Image

“l raised the cow for some months and l started producing milk. We used to sell the Milk to bulking Group at Bvumbwe trading centre in Blantyre,” said Mr Sowa.

Apart from dairy and vegetable farming, Henderson Sowa started a small scale business for his wife with the money he earned from the agro-business.

As of now, Mr Henderson owns a big Shop in Chigumula Township, decent house and six cows just to mention a few.

Henderson told Africa Inspire Foundation that now is aiming at buying a car for transporting his farm produce.

In his message to the youth he said,” Let us work hard on our own .Every youth must at least find something to do that can bring food on their tables at the end of the day.”










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