“Fortune Favours Those Who Work Hard”-COM Student

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June 27, 2017 by Staff Reporter

“Success is not just an overnight. It takes about passion and dedication to achieve it,” quoted 21 year-old College Of Medicine Student Trintance Perete.

Trintance, a last born in a family of Seven Children hails from Chiko Village in the area of Traditional Authority Kamwendo in Mchinji district, Malawi.

She started her primary school education at Kamwendo Model Primary School in Mchinji district. After writing her Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PLSCE) she got selected to pursue secondary education at Ludzi Girls Secondary School.

“After writing my Standard Eight examinations (Last class in Primary School in Malawi’s education format) l was among few girls who were selected to pursue secondary education in my Zone. I got selected to Ludzi Girls Secondary School,” she said.

Lack of School fees and other basic needs such as writing materials characterized Trintance Secondary School Life.

“I almost withdrew from school since my parents were unable to pay for my secondary education but by the grace of God, they managed to pay for my Form 1 with the little money they managed to source,” she said.

Trintance add that,” When l reached Form 2, it pleased the First Lady of Malawi by then Madam Calista Mutharika (Wife to the Former president of Malawi Late Professor Bingu Mutharika) to pay for  her school fee.”

The worse came to worst for Trintance when she reached Form 3, she reached the a point whereby school authorities at Ludzi Girls were left with no option but to chase her out as results of not paying school fees in time. Special thanks to her sister who bailed her out by paying for her form 3 and 4 fees.

Though Trintance was going through challenges, she kept on pushing hard in her studies according to her the sky was not even the limit.  When she reached Form Four she grew passion to study Medicine.

After Writing her Malawi School Certificate Of Education (MSCE) examinations in the year 2015, she got 11 points and selected to study a Degree in Pharmacy at College Of Medicine , a constitute College Of the University Of Malawi(UNIMA) in the commercial city of Blantyre.

File Photo

“At first my desire was to study Medicine in China through Zodiak Radio Sponsorship (Sponsorship offered by private owned Radio Station Zodiak which is offered to all girls who scores six points to study their dream course in China) but with points l failed to make it and later  l was selected to College Of Medicine,” narrated Trintance.

Though being selected to study a Degree Program at the College Of Medicine brought a great joy to Trintance, on the other hand life at college was not simple as “ABCD”.

“Lack of resources in my foundation year at college such as Laptop, l had to rely on the ones from the Library but when the its closed then l had no where to go…and even money for food and other basic need was like gold for me but still l survived,”

When God says Yes! Nobody Can Say No!, currently Trintance has finished her first year studies Degree in Pharmacy and waiting to study her second year with scholarship from Methodist Church which is situated in Blantyre and from the former First Lady Calista Mutharika.

For young school girls and those writing MSCE examinations here is the message from Trintance,” study hard and focus on a better future to come. Don’t let challenges of life pull you down for if you let it be so, then you have accepted to be a slave though out your life. Secondly, you should have good friends who will help you to achieve your goal.”











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