Against All Odds; Meet 18-Year Old Malawian Girl Studying Surgery at COM

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June 4, 2017 by Staff Reporter

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step, “quoted 18-year old Niya Mdoka, University Of Malawi ,  College Of Medicine student.


Niya and Friends at College Of Medicine

Niya Mdoka, a Malawian by nationality was born in the year 1999 at Mdoka Village in the Area of Traditional Authority Chikowi in Zomba district.

Just like any other child Niya started her Primary School Education at Blantyre Baptist Christian Academy and later she was selected to pursue Secondary School Education at Mary Mount Girls Secondary School in the ever-green city of Mzuzu.

Like a focused a lion in the jungle, Niya worked very hard in her studies. Just like any other girls nowadays Niya found Science subjects such as Biology, Physical Science and Mathematics as tough as climbing the Mulanje Mountain but she did not give up, she kept on pushing hard to excel in all sciences. She used to spend the whole night reading sciences.IMG-20170531-WA0084

After writing Malawi School Certificate Examinations, Niya impressed not only her parents but schoolmates and teachers as well after she scored an aggregate of   Eight Points.

“At first l wasn’t bright student in the class, I was performing badly in all science subjects .l decided to start reading more books especially sciences and interacting with brighter students at school this is when  l started improving in sciences  until l made it with Eight points being the second from the at our school,” narrated Niya.

After succeeding in her Secondary Education, Niya was later selecting to Study Bachelors Of Medicine, Bachelors Of Surgery (BMBS) at the College Of Medicine, a constituent College Of the University of Malawi and currently she is in her second year.

“Ever since l was born l wanted to be a medical doctor and during my childhood l could go in hospitals and see how doctors work and through that l developed a passion and interest in medical career,” said Niya while smiling.

She added that,” l was over the moon when l  heard that l had been selected to study at the College Of Medicine and my excitement doubled when l received the news that l won  a scholarship from Soko Fund Scholarship from Scotland ,”IMG-20170531-WA0097

Niya believes that nothing on the world comes on a silver platter but through hard work, cooperating and trusting the Almighty God. She also asked girls to work extra hard in their studies.

“l call upon my fellow girls to persevere  and work hard in their studies because every journey starts with a single step whether you are Walking, Flying , running or crawling  you should always have confidence that one day you will make it in life,” said Niya.

As a role model to many girls, Niya told Africa Inspire Foundation that she is planning to take a number of initiatives aiming at inspiring young girls in the country (Malawi to be specific).IMG-20170531-WA0102

“I’m planning to embark on a career guidance talk in primary school and secondary schools across the country. Soon l will address learners at Blantyre Baptist Christian School where l did my primary school,” concluded Niya Mdoka.

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