The Journey of Stevie “Wazisomo” Muliya; From Video Show Operator to TV Personality, Evangelist, Gospel Artist

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May 20, 2017 by Staff Reporter

“Patience is not about how long you can wait, but how well you behave while waiting,” this is the words of wisdom which a 32 year old celebrated gospel artist Stevie Muliya is to tell the nation.

Born in 1985 at Mulosa Village in the area of Traditional Authority Chikumbu in Mulanje district Stevie “Wazisomo” Muliya was raised by his mother as his father died some years down the calendar.

Muliya a “ghetto youth” started his primary school education at Ndirande Primary School in the commercial city of Blantyre.

Muliya’s primary school life was not as simple as “ABCD” as he was going to school in an empty stomach since the word “Breakfast” was not available in their family’s dictionary.

“During my primary and secondary school education l never knew electricity house and even breakfast (referring to a Cup of Tea and bread).

“The only thing my mother could do was to keep one portion of Nsima (staple food made from hardening porridge of maize flour)  in the evening to be served as  breakfast the following day  (a meal commonly known as Mkute in Chichewa which is commonly spoken language in Malawi)  ,” narrated Stevie.

After writing his Primary School Leaving Certificate, Steve was selected to Ndirande Hill Secondary School where he had no option but to battle with life hardships in order to excel in his studies.


“l had nowhere to get my school fees for my secondary school education, and when l reached Form 2 l had no option but to  stop from going to school.

“ I could  go  in Mulanje with the little money l could get from doing  piece works like weeding in some people’s fields and buy two bags of dry cassava at Chonde at Chonde and sell it at Safaro Market(In Ndirande) in order to get school fees and food,” Muliya told Africa Inspire Foundation.

As Cassava business was not enough Muliya further said, “Sometimes l could travel by foot from Ndirande Township to Chiwembe Township to work as assistant builder (Woperekera matope)  in order to source money to buy a school uniform.”

The worse came to worst in the year 2006, Muliya a Malawi School Certificate of Examinations (MSCE) candidate two days before starting examinations lost his mother, the only source of hope. This affected his MSCE results.

“My mother breathed last two days before writing my MSCE examinations, l remember the day when the invigilator said start writing  it was like telling me start weeping………” recalled Steve.

In order to earn a living, Stevie got temporary job at Candlex Limited in Blantyre where he worked as general worker for some months. He used part of the salary for day to day life and he was serving the remaining portion.

Later Muliya secured another job as Filed Supervisor for the Population and Housing Census Project at National Statistical Office. With his serving habit Muliya managed to buy a Television Set, Home theater player and open a Video Show Centre in Ndirande Township.

Being inspired to be a Journalist, Muliya applied for a Diploma in Journalism Program at the Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) he used the money he earned from the Video show business to pay for his studies.

While studying at Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ), Muliya was offered Internship opportunity at Calvary Family Church Television and radio Station where he was working as presenter and news anchor.

From Calvary Family Church Radio and Television, Muliya secured another job at Times Group where he has worked for a good number of years.

you are like a car without an engine

In 2014, Stevie applied for a Degree in Journalism at the Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University Of Malawi (UNIMA) and currently he is in 3rd year.

Apart from being a journalist by professional, Muliya is also evangelist and gospel artist who have worked with famous gospel musician Lloyd Phiri as a backing vocalist for a number of years until 2013 when he released his first album titled “Zisomo”.

“When you do not have a vision, you are like a car without an engine which always need to be pushed  and pulled .As young people  we should always have a vision in order to excel in everything above all we should fear God,” concluded Stevie Muliya.

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