Untold Story Of Fareeda; “A Strong Malawian Woman Who Moved A Mountain”

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April 14, 2017 by Thumbiko Nyirongo

As the saying goes, “If you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting stones today”, A 40-year-old woman Fareeda Sattar who is the Managing Directress for Tinkerbell Private School in Chigumula township, Blantyre is the living example of a successful woman who managed to move mountains.

My future was dark

Fareeda, a 40-year-old woman hails from Lobi Village in the Area of Traditional Authority Pemba in Dedza district. She is the first born daughter in the family of eight children.

She did her primary school education at Livimbo Primary School and later she was selected to pursue Secondary School education at Chipasula Secondary School in the capital city Lilongwe. Secondary School life was hard for Fareeda as her parents were financially unstable to pay her school fees and other necessities.

Though things were tough for her, her mother kept on encouraging her to work hard in her studies believing that” Education is the key to success”.

When she reached form 4, her life changed from bad to worse, yes something terrible occurred to her, she lost her Father, the bread winner of the family.

“When l reached Form 4, l lost my father and that time l was very confused because even my mother had no reliable source of sourcing school fees and other necessities. My future was dark so to say,” said Fareeda.

Fareeda’s Mother assumed the role of a bread winner in the house. She started a small scale business and used the little profit she was earning to pay for Fareeda’s school fees and buy other necessities.

Lucky enough Fareeda performed extremely well during the Malawi School Certificate of Education(MSCE) Examinations  and she was selected to Polytechnic, a constituent college of University Of Malawi to study Information Technology.

“l performed well in my MSCE examinations and later l was selected to pursue a Diploma in Information Technology at the Polytechnic in Blantyre. Life was not that easy at school sometimes l could attend to lessons with an empty stomach and even spending a day without testing any food,” she said.

After graduating with a Diploma in Information Technology, she was employed at a certain company where she worked for two good years and later she went further with her studies at the Polytechnic.

On March 31st in the year 2007, Fareeda a polytechnic graduate grew passion for kids and opened a nursery school by the name “Tinkerbell” with only one kid on the school’s register.

I started with one kid

“I started with one kid, which means l doubled as a nanny, teacher and cleaner. If the child wants to sleep l would carry her on my back and if she wants to change nappies l would do so as well,” narrated Fareeda.

With her passion in teaching and child caring Fareeda started receiving positive remarks from other parents who started sending their kids to her school. This forced her to construct a single block where she could accommodate all the learners.

“It was very challenging because even some people in my community used to tell me that l cannot make it with only one kid on campus but with focus l stepped up until other parents started sending their kids to me. When the number of learners was increasing class blocks were increasing also,” said Fareeda.

In 2015, Fareeda driven by the spirit of generosity together with his learners donated assorted items such as sugar, soap and clothes to Soche Orphanage in Blantyre this prompted her form a Community Based Organization which is legally registered and it assist over thirty less privilege learners.

Currently Fareeda, a mother of four children is a Directress Tinkerbell Private Primary School which constitutes over one hundred learners.


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