Face to Face With Veteran Music Producer Mlombwa

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January 12, 2017 by Thumbiko Nyirongo


I will be teaching Music-Cassim

Brought into the Mother earth on June 10th in the year of our Lord 1980 in the Area Of Traditional Authority (T.A) Mlombwa in Machinga District, Cassim Mlombwa is not just a blessing to his family but also to the entire music industry in the country.

Despite all the financial squabbles that characterized his journey into the music production industry, his Endeavour’s can be described as ‘a sigh of relief’ to the music artists, politicians as well as the entire nation.

Being raised from rural setting he was inspired to learn musical instruments by a Catholic Church’s Nsanama Parish Choir and for the music sake, he joined the Christian choir despite him being a Muslim by faith.

In an effort to keep memories fresh after the choir’s training sessions, Mlombwa drew a keyboard sample on a piece of paper which he used in his hectic.

” He is mad, how can he practice keyboard on a piece of paper. A paper that can’t even produce a simple sound……,” like focused lion in the jangle Mlombwa did not turn back despite discouragements from family members and friends.

After gaining skills from the choir, he then joined several local bands where he boosted his blossoming music skills.

” I joined several  local bands like Canocian Band, Domasi Sounds and Angotola Band where I boosted my music career,” said Mlombwa.

While serving several music clubs Mlombwa being a spiritually musical oriented man started composing own songs with plans to become a sole artist.

“When I was involved in several music occasions my plans remained on becoming a sole artist as I was inspired by several local artists like Paul and Lucius Banda among others,” he said.

Cassim’s plans to become a music producer arose when he was working with Radio Islam as an Office Assistant in the year 2002.

“While at radio lslam, l was inspired by some producers like Bashil Amin and Slain Suleman. I therefore started part time computer lessons and with the skills I gained from the bands I dared I could record Music.

“Thereafter, I started having part time studio sessions after my work duties at Polytechnic lecturer Edos Munthali’s residence and I first recorded Salima CCAP Choir,” he said.

He then worked with several part time studios until he suggested quitting his profession at Radio Islam.

“After working with many studios, I received a phone call to conduct interview at Tenel Studio. That was in 2008 when political temperature too hot in the country,”

“Coincidentally,  I recorded United Democratic Front (UDF) Bangwe Youth Morale’s ‘Wagwanayo’  which brought the studio to the limelight,” he said.

After recording Bangwe Youth Morale, other political party artists were motivated and started their production with Mlombwa.

“Then the public associated me with politics, as many political parties put their allegiance to my production

“Apart from UDF I also produced music from Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and in recent polls (2014 Tripartite Elections) I recorded artists from Peoples Party (PP) to boost their morale.

“It doesn’t mean I benefit from the parties. They are just customers and I respect them as other customers,” said Mlombwa.

Commenting of the future of music Industry in Malawi,  Mlombwa said that music is going down due to what he called ‘non-musicians’ who are not serious in the industry but was quick to salute upcoming artists who are making tremendous strides.

“There are well talented guys in the sector, and the upcoming ones are doing it better only that non-musicians are pulling us down,” he said

He also disclosed that he is planning to open his own recording studio in the commercial city of Blantyre and a music school to support local up-coming artist.

“Currently lam sourcing some funds to establish my a studio and Music school in Bangwe township, Blantyre where l will be teaching up-coming artists music,” disclosed Mlombwa.

Apart from playing basketball and watching soccer, Mlombwa spends his time with family watching boxing matches and movies.


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